GS Replay Photo - iPhone Screen Wifi Icon GS Replay Photo - iPad Screen

Take photos using an iPhone or iPad

Share photos via Wi-Fi or a Data Plan

Review photos only seconds after each play


Real-Time Photo Transfer
Multi Angle Capturing
Export Photos and Tags
Tag Plays While Recording
Edit Tagging
Penalty and Favouriting
Virtual Whiteboard

Real-Time Photo Transfer

Through our cloud based infrastructure, all of your photos and breakdown data is securely and instantly transferred to all connected devices.



Main Features

1-2 angles
Take photos with 1 or 2 iOS devices
Unlimited viewing devices
Export breakdown data
Export photos and breakdown data

Extra Features

All Tagging Features

  • O/D/K
  • Down
  • Distance
  • Quarter
  • Hash
  • Yard Line
  • Type of Play (R/P/Punt/PR/KO/KOR/FG/FGD)
  • Result of Play (COMP/INC/TD/INT/SACK/SCR)
  • Gain/Loss

Penalty and Favoriting
Virtual Whiteboard
Software updates

What You Need

  • Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE Connection
  • iPhones or iPads